Where is A & R currently buying homes?

What types of properties does A & R purchase?

Do you purchase homes in age-restricted communities?

Do you purchase homes in gated communities?

Are there any types of homes that you won’t purchase?

Can I still sell to A & R if my home is listed with an agent?

Can I trade-in my home to A & R?

How do the improvements that I made to my house affect the offer?

How fast will I receive my offer?

Should I provide photos?

My property is leased and occupied by tenants—I can’t get photos.

Will you still make an offer without photos?

Does my offer expire?

How long does the selling process take with A & R?

What happens to my house after I sell to A & R?

Is my information secure?


How is the offer price for my home determined?

Are there other transaction costs that I should consider?

How does my offer price compare to values on sites like Zillow?

What are the costs associated with selling to A & R?

How does selling to A & R compare to selling traditionally?

Does A & R negotiate on their offer price?


How do I accept an offer?

Accepting our offer

What if I don’t know the date I would like to close?

Does A & R look at my home in-person?

Who will be inspecting my home?

What areas of my house are you looking at?

About the inspection

How quickly can I close?

I need a specific closing date to work with the purchase of my new home.

Can I change my closing date once I am under contract?

Can I stay in my home after it closes?

About Closing

How does my mortgage get paid off?

When do we sign the closing documents?

When do I need to move out of my house?

What appliances can I take when I move?

What do I need to leave in my home when I leave?

About Moving

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