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1. Find the Referral Form: Locate our easy-to-use referral      form on the webpage.

2. Enter the Property Address: Type in the full address of      the property of the individual interested in selling.

3. Provide Contact Information: Fill in the name and              contact details of the property owner. Please ensure

    you have their permission to share these details

    with us.

4. Submit the Form: Once you've filled in all the                    necessary details, click on the "Submit"

    button to send us the referral.

5. Get Paid: If we purchase the property based

    on your referral, you'll earn between

    $500 to $1000 when we close on the property.

Submitting a referral is that simple! Remember, the more accurate and detailed your referral, the higher the chances of us buying the property, and the sooner you can receive your referral fee.

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Thanks for submitting! A detailed email will be sent to you with important information regarding your referral!

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